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Why Shouldn't I Change Cat Litter During Pregnancy?

Cat litter and cat poo can contain a parasite that causes toxoplasmosis infection.

Although it’s very rare, if you get toxoplasmosis for the first time when you’re pregnant or a few months before you get pregnant, the infection can:

– pass to and harm your unborn baby

– cause miscarriage or stillbirth


If you’re pregnant, it’s important to take measures to avoid toxoplasmosis infection by:

– not emptying cat litter trays – if you cannot get somebody else to do it, wear disposable rubber gloves and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards

– changing your cat’s litter tray daily – it should also be thoroughly cleaned every day using hot water

– washing your hands thoroughly if you come into contact with cat poo

– wearing gloves when gardening (even if you do not have a cat) in case the soil is contaminated with cat poo

– washing your hands and gloves thoroughly after gardening or handling soil

– washing your hands thoroughly after handling cats and avoiding close contact with sick cats


The parasite that causes toxoplasmosis can also be found in undercooked and raw meat, unpasteurised goat’s milk, and unwashed fruit and vegetables. Sheep can also carry the parasite.


Most people infected with toxoplasmosis do not have any symptoms and do not know they’re infected.

But if you’re concerned about your risk of toxoplasmosis, talk to your midwife or GP about the possibility of having a blood test to check for the infection.

Why Cuddling With Your Pet Reduces Stress

A remedy for stress that can literally help any pet owners is to cuddle with them! Go chase after them.

The cuddling reduces something called “secretion of cortisol” which is the stress hormone. There are studies that found that cuddling with a cat can release oxytocin in the body, which is the hormone responsible for making people feel happy and loved.

Stress is the last thing you should be when trying to conceive. Even when pregnant, it’s so healthy for the baby.

High levels of stress that continue for a long time may cause health problems, like high blood pressure and heart disease. During pregnancy, stress can increase the chances of having a premature baby.

Several recent studies have found links between the women’s levels of day-to-day stress and lowered chances of pregnancy.

Did You Know That Owning A Dog Can Help With Fertility?

Well to start off with, you can cuddle with them just like cats and if you haven’t seen that post it should be a few post before this one.

Dogs can help because they have the incredible capabilities of unconditional love, companionship, and freaky effects on health.

Of course they aren’t able to fix the problem with a paw hand shake.

Dogs can pick up on these hormonal changes, even before a pregnancy test does. Researchers have found that when a female ovulates, change in hormone levels can attract dogs.

(if you ever wondered why dogs would smell your private parts)

A Few Tips For You And Him

Avoid Soy

Soy for Women!

Women trying to conceive should just say no to eating soy, at least around the time of ovulation. What’s special about soy? Well it contains isoflavones, compounds that act like estrogen in the body.

A study at King’s college London found that one isoflavone, called genistein, can actually sabotage sperm as they swim in the female, reproductive tract trying to fertilize the egg.

Also be wary of meat substitutions because many are made from textured soy protein or tempeh, a soy product.

So avoid consuming soy milk, edamame, miso, tofu and any baked goods made with soy flour

Soy for men!

Soy can be a healthy source of protein. But it’s not healthy for men’s sperm. Soy contains a natural form of estrogen which can cause poor sperm quality in men who eat a lot of it.

Even if you’re not vegetarians who relies on tofu and soy meat substitute for protein, you can still be getting more soy in your diet than you realize.

Soy is included in many common packaged and processed foods.

So while you’re trying to conceive, be sure to read food package labels and to ask if soy products are in a dish when you are out to eat.

Miscalculating Ovulation

The biggest mistake women make when trying to become pregnant is miscalculating when they’re ovulating.

Many of us ladies assume we ovulate on the 14th day of our cycles, but this is only the case for women with regular 28-day cycles. What’s more, ovulation doesn’t occur 14 days after the start if menstruations, but 14 days before.

The best way to determine when you’re likely to ovulate: select the date you expect your next period to begin and subtract 14 days.

using this formula, a woman with 24-day cycle will usually ovulate on day 10, while someone with a 30-day cycle can expect ovulation to occur on day 16. Interestingly, women may not be the best judges of their own cycle.

Cut The Coffee Out

Men please try cutting down your java intake for your future children sake. Research shows that drinking even average amounts of coffee can increase damage to DNA in sperm

And evidence is growing that this damage can increase the risk of defects and mutations in children

How much coffee is safe to drink? Try to keep it to two cups a day

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