Dr. Yuliya is amazing! She is not only professional and knowledgeable, but she is very caring. She is very invested in you as a person, she doesn’t treat you like just another patient. I’ve seen Dr. Yuliya for the past year and a half. Mostly for infertility, however, she did treat other ailments that popped up from time to time. I am now happily expecting twins! I am so thankful to Dr. Yuliya for her devotion to my success with conceiving my babies and to my overall well being. I can’t speak highly enough about her. I would definitely recommend Dr. Yuliya to anyone.

Nancy D.

Dr. Yuliya is the best. I don’t usually do reviews unless I feel strongly about something. I can say that Dr. Yuliya was so helpful and wonderful to work with. After 4 failed IVFs, a miscarriage, heartbreak, ultimate depression and no true diagnosis, we decided to pursue acupuncture with Dr. Yuliya. My husband and I attended an intensive 6-month program. We loved it so much that we drove 1 hour each way. Ultimately, I became pregnant with our miracle baby this January (2020) and had a beautiful healthy baby girl this past September (2020). Dr. Yuliya was our saving grace and I could never rate her high enough!! You and your super friendly staff made our dreams come true.

Amanda F.

Central New Jersey Acupuncture & Wellness clinic is exceptional. I came after trying to conceive for over five years and getting no results from conventional medicine. Dr. Yuliya is a specialist in fertility acupuncture and she developed a plan with tailored treatments to help me conceive. Within 6 months of treatments, she achieved what all other specialists could not do – my husband and I became pregnant! Throughout, she and her staff have been professional, compassionate, and caring. We continue to go to her for any ailment and always leave her office feeling better and with a zen-like feel. She has our highest recommendation.

Jennifer M.

I recently needed acupuncture for my TMJ and back pain. So I decided to go to see Dr. Yuliya at Central New Jersey Acupuncture & Wellness. I really liked the session because she used a combo of acupuncture and cupping which really helped my pain. This session left me feeling less stressed and pain free.

I could easily use one session a week.

Check her out!!!

FYI: She excepts cash & health insurance. YAY!

Veronica C.


I suffer from chronic pain and came to Dr. Yuliya as a referral for acupuncture treatments. I’m not a fan of needles, but Dr. Yuliya was very gentle, personable and professional. Her techniques are effective and flexible where she combines the use of needles and cups and I ALWAYS feel amazing after treatments. I continue to see her on an ongoing basis as she helps me to feel better. It’s always a lovely experience.

I highly recommend her whether you’re curious about acupuncture treatments and or if you’re a seasoned pro.

Crystal G.

I’ve had acupuncture/cupping done by Dr. Yuliya a few times and can say that she is awesome! She is extremely knowledgeable and makes you feel very comfortable under her care. Not only did any pain I have in my back go away, but I felt very relaxed after each of our sessions. Wish I didn’t move back to California because I would definitely come once a week for treatment.

Anoop S.

Dr. Yuliya is a miracle worker! I have been seeing her for acupuncture and cupping and what a difference it has made. I’m a runner and she has helped right the imbalances that were preventing me from performing at my peak. She has a sense of calm and wisdom about her that immediately puts you at ease and reassures you that you are in capable hands. If you want to take your well being to the next level I cannot recommend her enough! I am not pain free and feel so much more balanced.

Morton F.

The acupuncturist, Dr. Yuliya Chernyak is a miracle worker – simply amazing!!

I had previously sprained my ankle skiing last Easter 2019 and it was still not healed by the beginning of this year. I had read about the benefits of acupuncture and sports injuries and decided to go to an acupuncturist. I googled sports acupuncturists and came across Central Jersey Acupuncture. I decided that I must check it out and that is when I met Dr. Yuliya. She exhibits such warmth and friendliness with a wicked sense of humor to boot! You are treated like a good friend throughout the visit. Further, Yuliya made sure to check up on me in-between visits to see how my ankle was.

Prior to seeing Yuliya, I was unable to wear heels, let alone 4 inch heels as I was in such pain. Yuliya knew all the correct acupuncture points to relieve the pain. Yuliya also did something else which was interesting to me. She used a bloodletting technique on me in conjunction with acupuncture. This bleeding technique disperses blood stasis. Well, after two visits of these treatments, I was back in 3 inch heels and walking effortlessly-I could not believe it! Further, after another two visits, I was able to get back into my 4 inch heels-YAHOO!!!! Now that is the definition of a miracle worker!!

Thanks to my treatments so far with Yuliya, I am almost 100% back to normal ankle functioning. Thank you Yuliya!!

Nadine P.

I had my first session with Dr. Yuliya 3 weeks ago and after the first session I felt lighter and more grounded. I keep going back for more, because she truly works wonders to balance my energy. Dr. Yuliya has relieved serve tightness in my upper back with cupping and provided me with herbs that improved my mood and concentration. She even introduced me to acu-stickers, which I had never even heard of! Above all, she is sweet and patient. You can sense she truly does her job out of love and passion for promoting the well-being of others.

Daria G.

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