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Natural & Effective Pain Management Solutions


What Does Being Pain-Free Mean to You?

For everyone it’s different…

For some of you, it means to be able to come back to your hobbies: gardening, running, skiing.

For others, it means to be an active adult and be able to do daily chores without suffering and physical limitations.

And for others of you, it means to gain back control of your life and your independence and start living full life again!

Acupuncture leads to the following health benefits:

  • Improvement of blood circulation
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Facilitation of tissue repair
  • Balancing of the autonomic nervous system
  • Stimulation of the secretion of endorphins. Endorphins have characteristics similar to pain-killing drugs, and as a result, help in combating pain

Let me ask you a few questions…

▢ Do you suffer from throbbing, stabbing, pulling, distending or heavy HEADACHES?

▢ Do you have headaches BEFORE a PERIOD or when you are under stress?

▢ Does SCIATICA make staying active almost impossible?

▢ Do you suffer from chronic, dull type of BACKACHE? Does the ache often disappear after rest but reappear after further strenuous activity?

▢ Did you have an accident or a sports INJURY in the past?

▢ Do you have severe JOINT PAIN that causes limitation of movement?

▢ Do you suffer from STIFFNESS and SWELLING in your joints, along with a feeling of heaviness

▢ Do you suffer from FIBROMYALGIA?

If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, give us a call because we have a solution for your problem!

We Accept ALL INSURANCE Plans That Have OUT-OF-NETWORK Acupuncture Benefits

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