In Western Medicine there is no cure for Fibromyalgia despite many women suffering from it. At our clinic we treat this syndrome daily with excellent results.

Within Chinese Medicine we see two causes for this condition. One cause is extremely bad blood circulation which is generally due to obesity ( “Obesity and Vascular Dysfunction” ). An overweight patient will have a systematic lack of nutrient (Ying) and oxygen (Qi) circulating to the major muscle groups in the body and the sensory nerves that surround them. Chronic pain is the result unfortunately.

Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture seem to be vasodilating the major longitudinal blood vessels in the body which in turn gives more nutrients and oxygen to the undernourished muscle groups. This results in exceptional pain reduction in a short time period.

Malnourishment is also the second cause but from a different direction. Anemia and even borderline anemia can cause fibromyalgia. The anemia is actually a plasma anemia and Western Medicine does not recognize this. Often this type of patient is frail and thin, does not sleep well, is jittery and anxious and has dry skin accompanying the pain in their upper body. In this case, Chinese Herbal Medicine will look to reestablish the fluid deficit in the body and blood. An improvement in the fibromyalgia condition is a result.

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