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Sex While Trying To Conceive

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When to have sex

Sperm live for 72 hours – that’s three whole days – as long as they have good, alkaline cervical mucus to sustain them.

An egg is fertilizable for only 24 hours, and that time-frame may squeeze down to just 12 hours as women get older.

Your best bet is to have the sperm ready and waiting for the egg when it’s released, and that means the BEST TIME TO HAVE SEX is on days 12 though 14 of a standard 28-day menstrual cycle, where ovulation is on day 14.

You’ll have to get know your own cycle to get timing exactly right.

How to have sex

1. It can feel like work and stress you out but that is the last thing it show be.
Don’t forget you have foreplay to helps out!
Sexual stimulation improves cervical mucus and increases the flow of hormones which increases fertility.

2. Missionary position is the best position when trying to conceive. This is more task oriented and your initial task is to get sperm as far through their journey as you can.

3. Try to avoid anal penetration during your time of trying to conceive even when it isn’t the time during your cycle when you know it is less likely to get pregnant.

4. After sex try to stay put for 10-20 minutes, especially if you are the woman, just stay still. Some ladies want to stand on there heads or lie with their legs up on a wall. nope would not recommend it.

P.S. Try managing to hold your pee while staying still. Not too long to get a UTI.

How often to have sex

 Have LOTS of sex!

It is obvious but it needs to be repeated. Many patients believe they should keep records to have sex only when the woman is going though ovulation. There are other patients who think it is best to wait because they’ve read that they need to let sperm build back up, between ejaculation and were limiting sex in some kind of rationing effort.

Unless male has been diagnosed with a low sperm count or low semen volume, you can feel free to have sex any time. (Good idea to keep it to once a day). It is alright to if you are not inclined to have sex everyday, but try every other day around ovulation.

Exercising Through Your Cycle

Woman exercising in her house
Menstruation Phase (Week 1)

Research shows that exercise actually benefits fertility
This is specifically for when you are on your period.

– Avoid strenuous aerobic during this time!

– Try working out with a meditative bent, such as yoga, tai chi, or qi gong.


Pre-Ovulation Phase (Week 2)

Exercise keeps androgens at even levels so they will help fertility, it helps fight inflammation decreasing the chances that it can get in the way of conceiving.

– Spend 20-30 minutes a day on aerobic exercise.


Ovulation Phase (Week 3)

Exercise gets the blood moving, which encourages good blood flow to the uterus, so it’s particularly beneficial around ovulation.

-Exercise gently, try swimming, walking, yoga, or qi gong.

-Avoid exercise that involves high impart, such as running or step aerobics.


Potential Implantation (Week 4)

– Get moderate exercise to keep the qi and blood moving after ovulation, when an embryo may be trying to implant, but avoid intensely aerobic exercise or high-impact exercise, such as jogging or trampolining (unless you are positive that you are not pregnant). Walking, cycling, swimming, yoga, and qi gong are all good choices.

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