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Eating Through Your Cycle

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Menstruation Phase (Week 1)

– Eat foods reach in iron – including meat, eggs, fish, kelp, spinach, broccoli, dried fruits, and sunflower seeds – to help your body replenish the blood it is loosing. 🐟🥩🥦

– Include foods rich in vitamin C – including citrus, mangoes, cherries, potatoes, tomatoes, cantaloupe, strawberries, peas, and watercress – to help with iron absorption. 🍓🍊🍅

– Make sure you get plenty of protein from both animal and vegetable sources. 🍗

Pre-Ovulation Phase (Week 2)

– Eat well so that you’ll be well nourished and able to nourish a maturing follicle. Proteins is especially important.🥩

– Choose foods rich in vitamin E, which is found in the fluid around the developing egg and is important for its nourishment. Good sources include cold-Pressed oils, sweet potatoes, avocados, leafy greens nuts seeds, and whole grains. 🥑🥜

– Avoid alcohol now most of all!! 🚫🍷

Ovulation Phase (Week 3)

– Get plenty of  vitamin B, which are particularly important to the release of an egg and implantation. Choose leafy green whole grains, eggs and meat (if not vegetarian or vegan).🌿

– Eat foods rich in zinc, which is needed for cell division and helps with progesterone production. You can find it in meat, fish, poultry, wheat germ, eggs and whole grains.🍳

– Be sure to get vitamin C, which is found in high quantities in the corpus luteum and is thought to play a role in progesterone production. 🍊

Potential Implantation (Week 4)

– Now is the time to get your fill on pineapple. The bromelain it contains has been shown to help implantation.🍍

– To support implantation, eat plenty of warming foods and avoid cold, raw food, or at least balance them out. For example, If you eat a salad, warm up your meal by adding soup, a baked potato, or some steamed brown rice.🍜

– If you have PMS, it is especially helpful to limit processed foods, refined sugar, alcohol, and coffee and to increase your fiber intake, all in the interest of helping your body eliminate estrogen more efficiently and less uncomfortably.🚫🚫

Reducing Stress During Your Cycle

woman stressing
Menstruation Phase (Week 1)

– Your energy is naturally low at this point in your cycle, so focus on relaxing and resting so that your body can direct its energy to the regeneration that is beginning. Some cultures have a tradition of woman withdrawn during your period. If you feel a bit less sociable than usual, go a head and stay at home. Don’t push yourself to go out if that is the last thing you want to do, it will make you feel stress and anxious. If you can avoid it than you should.

– The best way to handle the disappointment that your period have come is to accept, for now, that you are not pregnant and , with a positive attitude, begin making plans for next cycle. Don’t be to hard on yourself when you have other opportunities.

Pre-Ovulation (Week 2)

– Estrogen tends to put you in a positive frame of mind and increase your feelings of well-being. we often hear from our patients that they fell a renewed sense if hope and optimism as their fertility efforts resume after their periods end. Many women find that their energy is high at this time, some report that they feel sexier and more attractive. Take advantage of this time. The quest to conceive can get incredibly intense, so make the most of this little break. Some of the greatest benefits will come from enjoying low-intensity connected time with your partner, such as taking a walk together, going out on a date, talking about the future and making love even through you are not yet ay your most fertile.

Ovulation (Week 3)

– Studies have shown that the increase in estrogen, FSH, and LH lead to a sense of overall well-being right around ovulation. This can be a welcome relief in a stressful situation, so try to note appreciate, and build on it. 

– You may feel more sexual desire as ovulation approaches. It is called heel. 

– Many couples feel very anxious that they have only a small window of time in which to fertilize egg. This pressure can take a toll on your relationship, leading to conflicts that get in the way of using that window wisely. It also can translate into performance trouble for men. The best advice is to feel confident that in having regular sex in the lead-up to ovulation, you are doing what needs to be done. Take care of any other issues that could stand in the way of conception, then relax, knowing you’ve done your best. Remember , the window’s not all that small, since sperm can survive in fertile cervical mucus for days, as they wait to catch the egg as it is released.

Potential Implantation (Week 4)

– This can be the most anxiety-provoking part of your cycle, waiting to see if your period will come. Once ovulation has passed, the optimistic feelings and excess energy of the follicular phase diminish, and woman tend to become pensive and reflective. Try to focus on staying steady, looking a this as a long-term process rather than a month by month one. Feel secure in knowing that you are doing the right things to reach your goal. 👍

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